Which One you should Get – 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 or Colorado?

Confused about whether to buy Silverado 1500 or Colorado?

The short answer to this is you can buy either as both are remarkable pickup trucks in their category. If you seeking a detailed answer then you need to go through the details of both these trucks.

Both are sturdy trucks that you can check out by visiting Cottonwood Chevrolet dealer. Nevertheless, check out a few details about both these Chevrolet pickup trucks which are mentioned below!

Silverado 1500

First up is the 2022 Silverado 1500; it is without a doubt one of the ultimate trucks in its category whether people check out its power, performance, or capability. The base model starts from $34,850 approximately and prices go up to $61,500 for its High Country version.

Apart from a turbocharged 4-cylinder, people have options to have under its hood a 5.3L V8, 6.2L V8, or a 3L Duramax diesel engine. The bigger V8 can offer 420 horses and its different powertrains prove that it is capable of any job that it is given.

However, people seeking to tow ample cargo daily and are looking to have a fuel-efficient truck, for them the diesel trim is the best option. It produces a torque of 420 lb-ft and is capable of towing 13,300 pounds, the same as the 6.2L V8 engine. The smaller 5.3L V8 can tow 11,500 lbs and its turbocharged option can pull 9,500 lbs. Also, Silverado’s payload capacity is somewhere between 1870 to 2280 lbs.

Moreover, the fuel economy provided by this truck is better than most of its rivals making it one of the best pickups in this segment. Thus, you can check out and get whichever suits your requirements. Now, onto Chevy Colorado 2022.

Colorado 2022

The 2022 Colorado comes in 4 variants and starts from $27,230. The base model is Work Truck; the rest of the lineup consists of LT at $30,050, Z71 at $36,900, and ZR2 at $44,700. The engine equipped under Colorado’s hood includes a four-cylinder (standard option) with an automatic 6-speed transmission; the rest are a diesel 2.8L that generates a colossal torque of 369 lb-ft, or a V6 3.6L that creates 308 horses and is paired with an automatic 8-speed.

Most people opt for the V6 or diesel engine as many feel the base powertrain to be weak in certain situations. Also, the V6 is capable of towing 7000 lbs, while the diesel engine can tow 7,700 lbs.

For any other details about Colorado or if you are interested to know about its mileage, contact Cottonwood area Chevrolet dealer. Also, visiting a dealership would give you the chance to take a test ride and can clear all your doubts instantly.

If you are wondering which would be a more suitable option for you, simply choose whichever suits your requirements more. The best option is to visit a Chevrolet dealership and check out both vehicles. Also, take a test ride of both pickups and see which one you’re most comfortable with and which is within your budget.

Hence, take a test ride and choose your Chevy pickup truck today!

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