What Kind Of Podcast Format Should I Choose?

There are numerous exceptional formats that you may pick to use to your podcasting quest. The type of layout will in reality rely on the reason of your podcast and the way making a decision to share relative content material to your listening target market. It must be a great fit for them and a very good match for you.

Before you start, you should decide in case you need to file your podcast seasonally (like they do on tv). In case you observe the season idea, you can report all your content for the year in a brief span of time (say, more than one months). You then release the episodes so as and on a predetermined agenda (as an example, every monday at 9am).

Once you have completed the required quantity of episodes for the season, you can loosen up and start getting ready for “next season.” this lets in you to have a few months of scheduled down time before recording, editing and publishing all another time for the subsequent season. This method will even permit you to give a “subject matter” to your episodes for the season. You may also have the ability to interrupt up a long topic into episodes and keep all of them under a subject matter for the season.


Choose a format that works for you.

Having a selected layout will help you to preserve your customers. After they have commenced listening and like the layout, they will additionally be capable of recommend your show easily by means of describing elements or factors that they prefer.

There are several codecs that you could select from:


In this layout, you can interview exclusive guests each episode. A bonus to be received from using this layout is that it is able to create a sense of anticipation on your listeners. For by creating a schedule, listeners will recognize earlier which guest you’ll interview subsequent. On the drawback even though, guests might be hard to locate and time table. Plus, a visitor might not show up and leave you with no one to interview.


Two or greater persons host the show on this format. Usually, the tone of this sort of podcast is conversational and friendly. Its ability to without problems advantage listeners makes this one of the maximum popular forms of podcasts. The important thing to fulfillment right here is to pick the proper co-host. It’s far important that each co-hosts harmonize and supplement every different like peanut butter and jelly. If the chemistry is bad, matters can cross honestly awful, very fast.

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