What are working days?

In most countries, the working days that make up the work week are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. They do not include weekends (Saturday or Sunday) or holidays.

Note that:

  • Flywire can only process payments during business days
  • If you think a bank holiday or weekend might delay your payment, please remember to initiate and complete payment in advance.

What are they and what are the working days:

Working days are all those where work is not suspended, with the normal operation of goods and services establishments. Typically, this time period spans from Monday to Friday .

However, depending on the circumstances, Saturday can also be considered a working day. For the payment of salaries, for example, this day is considered useful.

July 1st – Friday (1st business day)

July 2nd – Saturday (2nd business day)

July 3rd – Sunday (non-business day)

July 4th – Monday (3rd business day)

July 5th – Tuesday- fair (4th business day)

July 6 – Wednesday (5th business day)

On the other hand, for banks and other financial institutions, Saturday is not necessarily classified as a working day.

Incidentally, for this reason, if the due date of a charge falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, and it is not paid, no fines or interest will be levied on the amount on the first following business day.

Thus, in short, it can be said that the working day is any day that does not fall on a Sunday and/or a holiday

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