To Fight The Good Fight, And Finish The Race – We Need To Keep The Faith

Like an earthquake, coronavirus has shaken, and is shaking, tens of millions. Earthquakes are sudden, dangerous and horrifying. They shake what we assumed changed into safe, strong and solid. It is crucial to remember and take into account the valuable things coronavirus can’t touch – the unchanging, unshakeable truths that have not changed, because they can’t and could by no means alternate. Matters that were actual before the coronavirus will stay authentic long after. They’re huge pillars sunk deep down into the eternal bedrock. We can stand on them, while lots else we relied on has been shaken.

Our gracious god – father, son and holy spirit – is unchanging. God pronounces he’s the alpha and the omega – who’s, and who become, and who is to return – the almighty. Jesus christ is the equal yesterday today and for all time – the holy spirit is defined as ‘the everlasting spirit’. God’s phrase is as sure and company now, because it has ever been. His word is living, abiding, and imperishable. God’s unchanging covenant love offers strong foundational ground for our faith.

Jesus christ changed into interceding to the daddy on our behalf lengthy before coronavirus, and the present day pandemic has now not stopped him. He’s capable of shop to the uttermost those who draw close to to god through him. The approaching of judgement day is a sobering idea. Coronavirus has postponed or cancelled many meetings, however each folks will hold this appointment. It can’t be averted. Peter reminds us that in christ we’ve an inheritance that’s imperishable, undefiled and unfading.

Unchanging truths can produce unshakeable disciples. Close to the end of his life paul wrote – “i’ve fought the best fight – i’ve finished the race – i have saved the faith”. To combat the coolest combat, and end the race – we want to hold the faith. Anything situation you are in nowadays make sure your commitment to jesus christ is stable and firm and positive. Take into account that jesus christ, risen and alive, will never ever permit you to down, fail you or disappoint you.

We need to understand that with reality in those awkward tough time. “almighty gracious heavenly father – no matter what goes on all around me – as i read this newsletter and pray – listen my prayer and answer me and improve me so that i may additionally keep the religion and serve loyally – and in no way give up or deliver in.

Listen me father as i pray in jesus’ name. Amen”sandy shaw is pastor of nairn christian fellowship, chaplain at inverness prison, and nairn academy, and serves at the kids’s panel in scotland. He has travelled extensively over those beyond years teaching, in america, canada, south africa, australia, 12 visits to israel, and most these days in uganda and kenya.

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