Steps experience to Success in Building a Business

Like when you were a baby who couldn’t run right away, becoming an entrepreneur takes time, experience and a process. You may be able to learn from some of the stories of entrepreneurs contained in motivational books and biographies. But, the best teacher is environment and experience.

That is, you have to experience all the bitters and sweets along the way to become an entrepreneur. Larry Alton, a contributor and freelance writer at Entrepreneur says, there are seven stages along the process to success. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you have to go through it without being able to jump through each successive stage.

You just decided to become an entrepreneur. The initial stage, when you feel bored with all the routines that cannot increase your monthly income. You feel like a machine, which must continue to produce various products with all their demands.

This is when you start telling yourself to get out of this circle and routine. You want to work alone, be your own boss. Then you give a resignation letter to your boss, and step out of the office with all the enthusiasm to turn over a new leaf.

Make plans. Starting a business is not as easy as deciding to leave the company where you used to work. Thinking of a main idea to build a business does not only drain your calm and mind. But also leftover money for daily needs. Sooner or later, you finally come up with a brilliant idea.

However, this is just an idea that has yet to be proven successful. While writing and formulating a business model, you ask yourself; will this idea work? However, this is not a matter of success or failure. You are now an entrepreneur. You are your own boss.

Stumbling block. The joy and pride of being a young entrepreneur turns out to be gone after you find a lot of problems. The journey of building a business was full of trials and obstacles. The ‘tap’ of your money then stagnates. Erratic working hours such as office employees are also not easy for you to live.

You end up going through the day in a hurry chased by deadlines. Not to mention you lose valuable customers and employees. In addition, giving up will only make you laugh at the competitors who continue to monitor your business.

Self-confident. After facing various obstacles and challenges, you begin to be able to adapt to all circumstances. There is no more work to be rushed because of being chased by deadlines. You also know how to retain customers and employees. All the work and mistakes you put on yourself as a form of accountability. Even so, you still feel uneasy, if one day a crisis will hit your recently stable business.

The course of a company that had begun to stabilize suddenly had to face various failures. In entrepreneurship, it is natural to fail many times. Even for some successful companies and entrepreneurs. But it’s okay, failing is not the end of your journey and the company.

After experiencing several failures, you don’t just give up. Besides continuing to try, you also learn from the experience and advice of more senior entrepreneurs. Experience not only teaches, but also forges, so that you and your employees are mentally strong enough to not give up easily.

It’s time for you to get used to everything about business. Bitter, sweet, all you have tasted. In fact, you have also experienced how to be in the lowest and highest positions. Now, while running a business that already has a track, you can steer a ‘ship’ without having to always keep an eye on it.

this final stage, may not be considered a success. Because success is for you when you succeed in turning failure into success. Business is no longer as fun as it used to be when you are still struggling with all the planning. You don’t get many rejections. But, the opportunity to make a business octopus is always open to you.

Those are the seven stages to success, when you become a young entrepreneur. Success is not a matter of how much profit and products that have been sold. But it is the process to success that will make you rich. Not only wealth, but also knowledge and emotional intelligence.

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