Technological know-how and religion have traditionally been dealt with like oil and water–they don’t blend. They don’t mix due to the fact we were brought about accept as true with that religion is a form of subjective essential belief while science is objective verifiin a position phenomenon. In this article, i’ve developed a components to mix technological know-how and religion and to give an explanation for that the concept of god has practical cost simplest if we take delivery of it as part of us. A scientist may additionally find tough to agree with that a few sensible old individual sitting up in heaven is maintaining tune of everything, however can’t deny the high-quality cognizance and intelligence that exists in lifestyles, in nature, and in us. It’s being a scientist that makes us spiritual. The questions about god, hell, heaven, and rebirth, and their courting to awareness, enlightenment, and spirituality, have occupied our thoughts for hundreds of years in one form or some other: what is god? Does he/she sincerely exist? Why can we search for god? Do religions definitely agree with in the equal god? Why are there spiritual wars? Is there without a doubt an area consisting of heaven or hell?

What became our beyond lifestyles? What is going to be our destiny lifestyles? Is there truly this type of issue as beyond life or destiny life? Religions and prophets were preaching about god, hell, and heaven for hundreds of years, and thousands and thousands of human beings have cultivated notion in these phenomena. The revolution of technology and technology on this century has forced a lot of us to reevaluate the doctrines and tenets of our faith. Have to we agree with in introduction or need to we accept as true with in evolution? Have to we accept as true with in heaven and god’s court docket of justice when we appearance up inside the sky, or ought to we consider inside the space, the planets, and the galaxies up there? I’m hoping this text presents a clean perception into the mysteries approximately god, hell, heaven, and rebirth–and depart us wiser, peaceful, and enlightened.

What’s god? The philosophy of faith or the institute of god is the human’s finest discovery. God is not a bodily item. It’s far a state of thoughts. God is the electromagnetic pulse of power that gives life and lives within all. What we call our aware/soul is part of god inside us. This is why superb prophets and religious scriptures say god is anywhere (omnipresent). Whenever, wherever, our thoughts and soul is with us, god is there; and the pronouncing goes “god resides in our hearts- -now not in temples, mosques, or church buildings. Bernie siegel (creator of affection, medication & miracles) says identical thing, “god resides in every folks.” in different phrases, god is a spirit that exists in anybody. The wealthy, the poor, the king, the difficulty, the religious, the atheist, the sinner, the sage, the easterner, the westerner, the christian, the jew, the hindu, the muslim, the sikh, the buddhist, and on and on… that is steady with what the christians pontificate: “we are thoughts of god!” and thoughts come from–the divine thoughts. Only people (homo sapiens) some of the animal species are lucky sufficient to have a powerful mind and enjoy the presence of spirit in their thoughts. The popularity of that spirit is what gives us religious dwelling or attention of god. Absolutely illuminated people know that god is present within the private and most principal part of their personal soul. God isn’t always out of doors the world. God is the arena. So, philosophically, god is a nation of mind; or it’s our mind, which is god! Or god is a spirit/conscious strength that exists in each one of us! (lf you’re pressured, don’t worry! Examine on!!)

“god is not outside the sector. God is within us. Stay a holy, healthful, happy existence.”

faith-spirituality and science can come collectively. God is scientific. God is mild. God is darkness. God is shrewd, loving power. God is nature. God is in us. God is psychoneuroimmunology whilst we witness miracles of restoration. God is all. A number of us can also distinguish among faith and spirituality; religion may be a possessive and unfavourable force that doesn’t permit expansion of mind, while spirituality is a recovery force with out a rules connected to god’s love or god’s capability to preserve us. We should bear in mind the real reason of a faith is spirituality; and we have to try to stay faraway from names and definitions. God, for example, is one of the many names of the identical divine pressure or ordinary electricity. For folks who sense comfortable with the phrase god or writer, it’s a divine phrase! It brings peace of thoughts. With prayer, we communicate to god. With miracles, god responds. Technology now explains miracles of recovery thru the thoughts-body relationship. With prayer we awaken the spirit in our thoughts, and the converted-religious thoughts causes hormonal and other chemical modifications that ultimately may bring about restoration. As such, god or writer isn’t always a separate entity, it’s part of us- -present proper in our thoughts all of the time. God is within us each second, in each situation. He/she is to our left and to our proper, before us and behind us, above us and below us. God watches each act–crook or noble–and each second, whether we’re by myself or in a crowd. We cannot misinform god (our very own thoughts/aware) with the aid of questioning no person is looking us. What approximately our belief in god’s form of existence or court of justice? No person could describe the physical or descriptive lifestyles of god within the beyond, no person can describe it now within the present, and no person is likely to describe it in the future. For an atheist there’s no god because physical life can’t be proven. And this is why discussion on lifestyles or nonexistence of god never receives everywhere. God’s existence can not be proved or disproved. God is not a frame like us sitting somewhere within the sky. We’ve released rockets into the space, we’ve got built space-station, we’ve analyzed moon rocks, we’ve taken near-up photos of the planets–we don’t discover even primitive life shape, by no means mind finding god in the sky. Science may not find god in the sky who continues tune of the entirety, however the high-quality focus and intelligence that exists in lifestyles, in nature, and in us in this earth is a shape of god’s scientific lifestyles. It’s impossible to peer god, due to the fact he/she is an imperative part of our thoughts. Seeing that god is inside us, we obviously can’t see god, just as, as an example, an eye fixed can’t see itself and an ear cannot pay attention itself. And zenrin places in simply, “like a sword that cuts, however cannot reduce itself; like an eye that sees, however can not see itself.” our soul and god are one. The man or woman soul (atma) is a part of typical or authentic or best or perfect soul known as parmatma (call of god in japanese scriptures). The try to deliver the soul and god collectively merely perpetuates the illusion that the two are separate. It’s not so, and we’re already it. To understand god is to be god; the two are not in any respect separate, factors out the hindu scripture upanishad. If god and we have been separate entities, then we could see, preserve, and go round him/her in a ceremonial worship! But, in numerous religions we find particular methods to worship god. Practitioners use symbols of godhead various from photos/statues to holy books or even imaginary pictures.

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