SAT Exam Secrets for the Doers 

The SAT test is a prestigious one that is designed to measure the overall aptitude and knowledge of a student in three subject areas. These areas are writing, reading and even math.  This test of SAT gets used by different colleges to evaluate the eligibility of a candidate for admission. The better you score in such a test; the better would be your possibilities of getting enrolled in a reputed and good college. So, you should start working on your SAT Prep wisely!

Remember, the SAT test is formed up of five sections: Writing, Reading and even Language, Math (Calculator), Math (no use of calculator) and even Essay (optional). There are a couple of high schools and colleges that ask for students to finish the Essay portion of this test, some institutions do not. In case you are not really committed to take the Essay segment of this test, you could have to research that school demand the candidates to complete the Essay test for considering admission. Anyhow, whatever you really choose to do and whether you take essay zone seriously or not; you can always score pretty good with the best manner if you prepare good. Your sat exam preparation is going to play a key role in your overall performance as well as results.

Be prudent about the directions 

Many questions in the general zone do have diverse directions. Don’t simply think that you have an idea about all the different directions. Take proper reading and then simply perform the questions. Different questions could demand for different types of execution. But ensure that you do it swiftly. Don’t waste any time at reading and even re-reading the directions of segments. Since you have prepared in the best manner, you could already be having an idea about the kind of segments and directions you would face in the test. Hence, your time is going to save extensively when you give restricted time to read directions.

Answer your questions first 

Before you even get into any type of calculations or mind debates; make sure that you do solve all sort of the questions that you readily know. In case there are questions that you know and you are definite about them, you must perform them before any other questions. Do no stick at any sort question you are unsure about and waste all your time. When you have ticked mark all the questions in the diverse segments that you are unsure about and don’t know; start with the questions you now and once you are all done; then invest your time in the questions where you do lack. In this way you might be sure that at least you performed all the questions that were actually known to you and only then you give time to the overall questions that were out of your syllabus.

Keep everything clear and neat 

Make sure that you are not getting messy when you fill in the answer grid for different questions related to student-produced response.  Similarly otherwise to make sure that your answers appear neat and clear. In case you’re writing or way of filling the answers is confusing or shabby ; it could irritate the examiners. The point is simple, when you maintain the cleanliness of the sheet and fill the answers, you end up impressing the examiner.


To sum up, start working on your sat math prep and ensure that you do well at this exam. Once you pay attention to your proper every day study schedule, follow a disciplined pattern, do revision, solve the mock tests and more; you perform really well for the test.

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