Responding to Consumer Complaints on Your Business

In doing business you must have the ability to serve consumers, both offline and online. The reason is that consumers are an indicator of the success of a business.

In addition, how to serve consumers is also very influential on your brand image. So, it will be very fatal if you make a mistake. So that you can serve customer complaints appropriately, then know how to best serve the following consumers

How to Serve Consumer Complaints

Doing business is not only about increasing sales, but also about building a good image to consumers. Thus, consumers will get a good experience when shopping. If they are satisfied, then they are more likely to buy your product again.

This also applies when there is a consumer who makes a complaint. With the best possible, you must immediately solve the problem by doing the following strategy.

1 Fast Response

Fast response or responsiveness is a skill that must be possessed by business people so that consumers are not annoyed waiting for an answer from you. If you take too long to respond, it is feared that consumers will be more angry.

If you can’t take care of it properly, you should use admin or customer service, who are experts in serving and responding to consumers well. This is also to prevent losing your focus in building a business.

2 Start by Apologizing

Apologizing is the first word you should say. Even if you know that the problem is not your fault. This apology is a form of humility.

Avoid cursing words or blaming consumer mistakes for not being thorough Instead of solving the problem, it will be a boomerang for the sustainability of your business.

3 Providing Solutions

After you say you’re sorry, you can come up with a solution right away. Tell the consumer a detailed explanation. While providing an explanation, you must also understand what the motive for the complaint is. Do you want to ask for a refund or replace it with a new item.

But if it turns out that the problem is not your fault, then you have to explain where the problem came from. If you’re sure that’s not the cause of the problem, it’s possible that the problem is coming from a second party or even your own customer.

4 Be Empathetic

One trick to make consumers feel calmer is to show empathy. Position yourself as if you are a customer who is complaining. That way you can think about what consumers are feeling at that time.

This kind of empathy can be practiced at the beginning of the complaint and at the end of the complaint. Being empathetic will also encourage consumers to accept offers from the solutions you provide.

5 Saying Thank You

After the problem and solution are resolved, say thank you and don’t forget to ask the customer for a positive review. Reviews can affect the positive image of your business store.

If consumers are happy, of course they will give good reviews, thank you for read Responding to Consumer Complaints and Complaints make sure to publish this on social media as proof that you are able to handle consumer complaints well.

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