LinkPitching – Seven Fatal Errors LinkedIn Users Commit Every Day

A linkedin interaction from some time again still sticks with me today. Why? He and i connected, then he immediately requested to check my private finances so he may want to do for me what he had allegedly done for such a lot of different “pleased customers.” i advised him “no thanks.” he answered again asking me why. Being the direct guy i am, i informed him i concept it changed into insincere to connect to me and immediately want to check my private finances and try to promote me on his service. He said he by no means requested me to ship my private price range through linkedin. At this point, the discussion became no longer approximately him seeking to sell me a carrier; as an alternative, i wanted to provide a teachable moment for him.

I told him that sending private price range via linkedin wasn’t the issue, however i didn’t want to divulge my non-public finances to someone i didn’t even recognise who linked with me most effective 30 minutes ago. After any other couple of interactions, he advised me that “exceptional human beings” would agree to meet with him (i wager i’m not a pleasant individual) and that he was rescinding his provide to meet (even though i already instructed him i didn’t want to meet with him). It was sort of like “you may’t cut up with me due to the fact i’m breaking up with you first”. He then wanted me the first-class. He made an impression on me for positive, just no longer one he wanted.

As of this writing, linkedin has over 600 million customers and has end up a dominant pressure in connecting human beings to do commercial enterprise with every other. It has disrupted geographic boundaries, in order that a person in his basement in cleveland can do business with someone in los angeles, paris, or bangalore. It’s also insanely reasonably-priced and clean to establish a platform and reach ability clients who twenty years in the past could were out of attain. This low barrier to access and large audience capability is fertile floor for bold businesspeople (who i check with as linkpitchers) to canvass massive populations for business. Now i’m in no manner telling the ambitious to now not pursue commercial enterprise using linkedin with all their ardour and energy. But there are proper and wrong approaches to do it.

My years of linkedin revel in have led me to seven deadly errors linkpitchers make:

Not understanding my profile :

I recognise this can sound like a “no duh” but i’m amazed at what number of human beings send me canned messages that show they didn’t even look at my profile. My linkedin banner has my name observed with “writer” subsequent to my posted books. But i regularly get messages asking if i’d ever taken into consideration becoming an author. Before you solicit make certain you’re taking a few minutes to understand what the character actually does.

Not putting space between a request to connect and a follow-up:

A request to connect followed immediately with a pitch tells me you’re by no means inquisitive about me; you’re simply trolling for business. Placing space between the two at least creates the illusion you’ve taken time to research me.

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