Is Getting a Hair Transplant in Dubai Worth the Uncertainty?

When I first considered getting a hair transplant in Dubai, I was extremely hesitant about doing so. It didn’t seem like the most natural procedure, and it also seemed like it would be rather expensive, which made me wonder if the results would even be worth the money I spent on it. However, after learning more about hair transplants and how they work, I was sold and scheduled my consultation with one of the top hair transplant specialists in Dubai.

What is hair transplant surgery and why do I want it?

Hair transplant surgery is performed by moving hair from where it’s healthy to where there isn’t any hair. So if you have a receding hairline, they can take healthy hair from your crown and move it down to your receding hairline. In addition, men with no hair can get transplants on top of their scalp to make themselves look like they have more hair than they do (which I feel is an odd reason for getting one, but whatever). For women with thinning or balding issues, we transplant their own healthy hairs from somewhere else on their body (usually the back) onto their head.

My hair restoration surgeon has been very vague about what my options are when it comes to recovering after surgery. He keeps saying that he will discuss everything with me once I arrive at his clinic, but he hasn’t told me anything specific yet. When I asked him about how long recovery would be, he said that it could be as short as 2 weeks. But then again he also said it could be 3 months. And when I asked him about how much pain I would be in after surgery, all he said was some discomfort. The only thing he did tell me was that my post-surgery care will consist of taking two pills every day for three days and then going home.

The pain, uncertainty and expectations of getting a hair transplant

A hair transplant is no easy procedure. I recently got a consultation for one and while everything seemed fine on paper, after speaking with Dr. Dimitrios Ziakas at Alborj Hair Clinic, hair transplant center in Dubai I started to have second thoughts. There were too many questions that needed answering and uncertainties about how it would look once it was done. So I had to ask myself if getting a hair transplant was really worth all of those things… Is getting a hair transplant in Dubai worth all of that uncertainty? In short: It depends. Let’s take a look at some reasons why it might be worth it, as well as some reasons why you should reconsider.

Taking care of my hair before my hair transplant

When I was young, my hair was thick and straight. But after years of drug use, stress and aging, my hair started to fall out. I’ve tried many different products but nothing has worked as well as Alborj Hair Clinic’s hair transplantation procedures. After researching all options, it is one of only a few companies that actually have qualified staff to perform these kinds of procedures. They assured me they could transplant new hairs into bald spots on my scalp so I could get back what I once had. The uncertainty I felt before taking action turned out to be no match for actual experience with them; it ended up being one of the best decisions ever!

Going forward after my hair transplant procedure

As someone who doesn’t know much about hair transplants, I was very apprehensive to get one. However, Alborj Hair Clinic eased my worries with their professional service and ensured me of their passion for restoring hair loss. Now that my hair transplant procedure is over I’m looking forward to seeing what results it will give me! Have you ever gotten a hair transplant? What do you think about getting one done abroad or at home? Leave your comments below. Thanks for reading!

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