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The profession of insurance underwriter consists of analyzing the risk management of an insurance company. The subscriber accepts or refuses to insure people or property according to the risks incurred by the company. Relying on solid technical and legal knowledge, he must make the right decisions by projecting himself into the future and be able to justify his choices. The insurance underwriter analyzes the risks, sets the amount of the clients’ contributions. It adapts the contracts according to the risks and changes in the insured (loss of employment, change of family situation, illness, etc.). The subscriber works for a large company. Schedules are regular and travel possible (meetings, conferences, training, etc.)

His qualities: An insurance underwriter must have a sense of communication and contact; it must be rigorous and organized. He is asked to have a good spirit of synthesis and analysis as well as to have a good resistance to work under pressure.

Opportunities: Because they help to balance the accounts of insurance companies, underwriters are highly sought-after profiles. Recruitment prospects are therefore quite good. An insurance underwriter can, after several years of experience, specialize in a specific area of ​​insurance: real estate, commercial inspection, reinsurance, etc. The subscriber also has the possibility, subsequently, to take over the management of the underwriting department.


To become an insurance underwriter, you must have a bac +5 level diploma: engineering diploma, business school diploma, finance option, the higher institute of reinsurance (ISR), the center for advanced insurance studies (CHEA ). The DEUST in insurance law also gives access to the position of insurance underwriter.

How much

A beginner insurance underwriter earns between 2700 and 3000 euros gross per month.

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