Improving the quality of customer service to be more loyal

Customer service is one of the determinants of the level of customer satisfaction with the product or service of a brand or brand. Why? Because it acts as a liaison between consumers and brands. When a complaint or problem arises, customer service must handle it properly so that customers are not disappointed.

Satisfied customers will form a pattern of loyalty which is certainly beneficial for the business. That’s why, the quality of customer service needs to always be considered. So, how do you improve the quality of customer service? Here Investree has the answer. Listen, come on!

Understand your customer’s needs

Moreover, good customer service should be based on their needs. When you can give them attention and they feel valued, you can at the same time know what their needs are.

Understanding them properly will make it easier for you to maintain loyalty. Therefore, it is important to be willing to listen to all of their input. If not, you can ask about their needs through a quick survey by phone, email, or social media. The input obtained can be used as a benchmark for the development of business products and services in the future.

Set service standards and communicate internally

It is important to have a quality standard that all employees must adhere to, including in customer service. This is done so that the services provided can be consistent, orderly, and clearly accepted by customers. A standard will motivate the team and increase the overall success of the business.

Set some customer service standards and communicate them to team members so they are easy to understand and easy to implement. By having customer service performance metrics in place, team members can have benchmarks that will motivate them. The only way to determine the Key Performance Indicators is of team members’ success is to create a solid framework. Set default value for criteria

Create accessible customer service

Accessibility is important in the digital world. That’s why, make sure your customer service is easily accessible. How to? First, find out what channels customers often use to communicate with a brand. Second, focus on just only a few channels as a contact center, for example only telephone, email, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

That way, the management becomes easier and everything can be managed in a balanced way. Third, include the hours of operation so that customers know when in the best time to access them is and communicate the duration of the required handling time.

You can also set up customer self-service (CSS), which can ease the work of team members in managing customer service. For example, by creating an FAQ page, Help Center, or community forum, so that customers can solve their own problems without having to contact the contact center is also useful to prevent customers from asking similar questions or complaints regarding your product/service. That way, customer service can run more effectively and efficiently.

Prioritize honest feedback from customers

Listening to feedback from customers will make them feel valued. Feeling valued makes it easier for customers to give honest feedback. Honest feedback can also help your business grow. Why? Yes, positive feedback will automatically generate positive reviews can influence other audiences. And, negative feedback can be input as material to improve in a better direction.

Guess what the thing we look for the most in a friend? What we love the most must be those who want to listen to our stories and complaints. Then, why not make customer service like a friend to them? Who wants to listen to all their comments, complaints, to their experiences with a product or service.

To improve service to customers, fintech lending pioneer Investree has also taken a number of steps that might be adopted if you are trying to grow your company. In addition to optimizing the company’s Customer Support services as the front line

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