How to Do Your Own Kitchen Cabinet Repair

Whether your cabinets are old and worn or brand new and shiny, there are a number of ways
you can repair them. You may need a door latch replacement for older cabinets. This can be
done easily by you. If the latch does not close properly, it could be a loose screw. To replace a
broken latch simply loosen the screws from the sides of the cabinet, and then tighten them. To
ensure that the new latch stays put, you will need a replacement.
Next, check the hinges. Sometimes, the hinges can be adjusted differently to the original ones.
A damaged hinge may not show up on the cabinet’s exterior. In such cases, it is better to
replace it with a larger size. Nevertheless, it might be impossible to replace the hinges in an
original case, so you should check the existing screws carefully. Sometimes, the hinges on the
cabinet doors may need to be replaced.
Another common problem with cabinets is broken drawer corner joints. Broken corner joints can
be easily fixed by unscrewing the drawer face. Most drawer boxes are secured with screws
within the box. These corners should be repaired using wood glue. Wood glue works best if the
contact is wood to wooden. Epoxy is an alternative to wood glue. Afterwards, install the drawer
front again. When done, make sure to attach the pull.
Minor scratches on kitchen cabinets usually do not require stain or paint, so you can do them
yourself. You may want to check the manufacturer’s literature. The cabinet’s finishing may be
listed. If you’re not sure what finish your cabinets have, scratch repair markers or touch-up kits
can be purchased. Some cabinet retailers even sell scratch repair kits with their cabinets. If you
are unsure, you can always test the product on a small spot before applying it to your actual
Hire a professional. Kitchen cabinet repair can be a complicated project so it is best you trust an
experienced technician. You’ll be glad that you did. You will have a beautiful kitchen again. The
cabinet repair company you hire will ensure that your cabinet doors and drawers will fit together
again. An experienced handyman is also available to help with any kitchen cabinet repair. Make
sure you only hire a licensed company with experience in this field.
A back plate can be used to fix a door or drawer. These are small pieces of metal that fit onto a
kitchen cabinet’s knob. Installing one of these covers will ensure the door is squared to the
cabinet’s open. Next, you will need to reinstall your knob. These back plates are inexpensive
and come in many styles. You can order them online if you prefer. If you don’t see one in your
local store you can order them online.
It’s not difficult to repair kitchen cabinets. A skilled professional can usually repair it, unless the
damage is very severe. Be patient and slow while you work. The end result will please you. If
you aren’t sure how to proceed, it is a good idea to consult a professional. This will ensure that
your cabinets last for many years.
If the damage to your cupboards isn’t too severe, you might be able paint them. However, this
requires a skilled eye and can be difficult for a do-it-yourselfer. Professional craftsmen have the
experience and skills to complete the job quickly and efficiently. These are four questions to ask
before hiring a professional to do this job. Are you looking to preserve the original layout, save
money or have your cabinets remodeled as quickly as possible?

Paint or staining your kitchen cabinets can be a cheaper option. This process is similar as
staining, however paints can scratch easily and are harder to touch up. Adding a coat of paint
will also make your cabinets look new again. Paint can make your cabinets more appealing to
potential buyers and increase their value. You can also have your cabinets painted by a
professional. Although it may be less expensive than staining, it is much more difficult to remove
stains from cabinets than with staining.

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