How To Choose the Best Forex Introducing Broker Program

When you wish to explore the foreign exchange market as a trader, you have to look for the right forex broker and a reliable forex introducing broker program. When you check out a website that deals in financial news or finance-based information, you will come across countless advertisements up by forex brokers. Visit

You trade in different currencies circulating around the world via forex brokerage accounts. As a trader, you are expected to buy or sell currency pairs after analyzing the important economic developments taking place around you.

If you take their overall volume into account, currency trading is quite widespread. According to reports, over $6 trillion of currency trading takes place every single day. That should give you an idea about how many traders are operating out there.

Options for Forex Traders

Forex traders have the option to take long or short sale positions on different currency pairs. The exchange rate can be calculated between two different types of legal tender, the U.S. dollar (USD) and the euro (EUR).

A long position paves the way for a trade where you can hope to make some money when the exchange rate is healthy. Short sale profits can be expected when the exchange rate goes a few notches down.

A trader, unlike somebody who deals in stocks, is not expected to borrow securities or money from a broker to get a short sale position opened. However, they might be required to pay a certain amount as a rollover fee.

Brokers deposit your money in an account where their value undergoes a change according to the profits and losses accumulated on a daily basis. Brokers charge a fee for the services they offer like giving trading advice, guiding you through a different process and entertaining withdrawal requests.

Choosing a Forex Introducing Broker Program

Before choosing a forex introducing broker program, you have to get some idea about the kind of investor you truly are. You must also be able to define your objectives for investing in currencies. Every forex introducing broker program out there would have some pros and cons.

Some of the most relevant factors that you need to take into account while choosing a forex-introducing broker program are the security level offered by the agency, overall regulation and transaction fee. The security options offered by one particular broker program could be very different from what another program is providing.

The good thing is that most forex-introducing broker programs are regulated by the government and other agencies. However, there are many who are not regulated. Regardless of what unregulated broker firms offer you, it would be a good idea to maintain your distance from them.

Here are some of the most important things you should remember while choosing a forex-introducing broker program:


While choosing a forex introducing broker program, you must try to figure out whether you can access it all the time or not. Forex trading is carried out 24 hours every single day. Therefore, you could need the support or help of a broker at any given time. If you get access to a broker only for a few hours, it wouldn’t help you in the long run.

Before signing up for a forex introducing broker program, you should know whether you can get a live person on call as and when you need. This is important as speaking to a broker on phone will help you get an understanding of the quality of customer service they offer and how prompt they are in responding to queries.

Currency Pairs

When an agency approaches you to associate with their forex-introducing broker firm, you must ask them the kind of currency pairs they are willing to offer you. You get limitless options while looking for currencies to trade. However, only a handful of them get the kind of attention they deserve. Most people opt to trade in currencies offering the highest liquidity.

Apart from GBP/USD and EUR/USD pairs, you should also get the opportunity to choose from USD/CHF and USD/JPY pairs. A forex introducing broker firm will offer you several forex pairs to choose from. However, there is no point in choosing a forex introducing broker program that doesn’t offer you anything that you are interested in.

Trading Platform

For an investor, a trading platform serves as an entry point or a portal to gain access to the markets. You should check whether a forex introducing broker firm is equipped with the fundamental and technical analysis tools you require as a trader. You have to be sure about the trading platform helping you to enter and move out of the trade with effortless ease.

A modern trading platform ought to feature clearly demarcated purchase and sell options. Many of these platforms also come with a ‘panic’ option that enables you to shut down the open positions as and when you like. Before you opt for a forex introducing broker program, you must check the type of interface its trading platform has.

Account Features

A forex introducing broker program will offer you different types of account features to choose from. Some of the important factors you need to compare while going through different forex introducing broker programs are commissions, ease of making deposits and withdrawals, deposit requirements, leverage and margin.

A broker that charges you commissions might also ask for a certain percentage or portion of the spread. There are many brokers who do not charge a commission but make a great amount of money by asking for higher spreads. It is very important to check the policies and regulations pertaining to withdrawal and funding.  Know more download metatrader4

One thing you must check when somebody offers you a forex introducing broker program is whether the agency is complying with government regulations. In the United States, a forex broker is expected to be registered with the National Futures Association. In other countries, there are other agencies that you have to become a member of.

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