How to Choose the Apt Faucets for Your Bathroom?

When you pay attention to your house, you should not miss out on your bathroom. Remember, once you keep your bathroom in your mind at the time of renovation, you bring a new vibe to your life. Indeed, every day you spend considerable time in your bathroom, right? So, make sure that the fittings and accessories therein are durable, effective, stylish, and inviting. You can check out the top faucet brands in India and ensure that you have the perfect faucets in your bathroom. 

Bathroom faucets are one of the most critical parts of a bathroom, but many people don’t really know how to pick one. Not only do you require to choose the right style and configuration for your sink, but even there are also dozens of brands from which to select. You also have to be careful about the finishing and all. You have to be mindful of everything for the best experience.

Pick the correct hole configuration for your bathroom faucet

Once you are buying a bathroom faucet, you must first focus on the hole configuration for it stresses you to think about how the rest of the room is going to look. It pushes you to simply make decisions on the vanity related to its size and type while also needing that one decides whether or not they require a custom type of or prefab countertop. Lastly, it demands you to think about the general space of the room, and whether the faucet must stand out to fill up that space or even be as invisible as possible. You require to select between the below-given configurations:

Single Hole Faucet

A Single hole faucet is a kind of bathroom hardware that includes the hot as well as cold valves in one piece. This single-piece type of design encompasses both hot and cold lines into one single handle most of the time mounted at the faucet top.

Single-handle type of faucets is easy to use and even less expensive than two or three-handle faucets. Similarly, these are the ones that incline to look a lot sleeker as well modern than their multiple-hole counterparts. Moreover, the perfect application for a single-hole faucet is going to be a small to medium bathroom having a design that inclines more on the contemporary side. This is the reason why small vanity tops and even wall-mounted sinks incline to only come pre-drilled with a type of single hole.

3 Hole Widespread Faucets

This is the type that is even known as an 8″ Faucet. It is designed to get fitted into a sink that includes three holes in the countertop. The far left and even right holes get pre-drilled for the hot & even cold handle respectively; whereas the middle hole is chosen for the water spout.

This kind of configuration is finest suited to use with medium to even huge vanities because it takes up somewhat more real estate than the alternative. However, it can technically continue smaller vanities as small as 24″, as long as you don’t have any issue with the faucet being a showpiece in the design of your bathroom.

Remember that these three-hole faucets are the most well-known faucet types as they can easily fit in a diversity of bathroom styles from traditional to even contemporary. This is partially why most manufacturers have a huger number of 3-hole faucets in their overall catalog.

Three Hole 4″ Centerset Faucets

Now, this A 4″ Centerset faucet is a kind of bathroom faucet that includes the hot and cold valves in one piece. This unibody sort of design comes equipped with a base that characteristically spans nearly 6″ wide or even wide enough to cover three holes set 4″ apart.

This type of center-set faucet is characteristically used where there are restricted spacing requirements and a tight budget. You must understand a center set can come with both 2-handle or even single-handle options. This is the type of faucet that typically gets used in bathrooms having a small budget;

  • Basement Bath
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Rental Units
  • Restaurant Bathrooms

Similarly, it is equally important for you to know that you should never make use of a 4″ center set in the below-given applications:

  • Vanities huger than 30″
  • High-End type of Bathrooms

Once you have a good idea about the basics of hole configuration, it should be convenient for you to make a decision and move on to the next stage. To keep it simple, most people should probably start by choosing a 2-handle widespread faucet. It covers most of the applications. You should just ponder about going with a single hole-in-the-half bath, in bathrooms that incline to have limited spacing, or even in bathrooms that are super contemporary looking.

The design & Style 

For most individuals, the second step to selecting your faucet should be the design style. There are three prime styles to pick from traditional, transition & even contemporary. Having a preference & understanding which one best fits your overall decor is critical when you pick out a bathroom faucet.

  • The traditional Types of Faucet Styles
  • Transitional Faucet Styles
  • Contemporary styles 

Choosing a style for your bathroom is somewhat more art and style than facts and science but it should not be that complex. In case you find yourself hesitant, going with a faucet that blends well with the overall decor of your home and bathroom is a safe way to go. Just keep in mind that the overall Faucet Manufacturers, incline to have more widespread options for conventional faucets and more single-hole options for the overall contemporary styles. Transitional faucet options are more consistently split between these two.


To sum up, you can check out the overall faucets price in India and accordingly make a choice. Of course, once you keep all the things and needs in mind, you can be sure that you have effective, elegant, and efficient faucets in your bathroom.

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