GamesCom 2019: summary of the latest trailers and news

The big companies take advantage of what they stopped announcing at E3 to do it now in the face of a new commercial season that begins in September.

GamesCom is synonymous with news: be it in the form of gameplay videos, trailers or news. New titles, more information, announcements for the future… the Cologne event is a torrent of information for the sector, which has all audiences attentive to everything that comes out of it.

Microsoft, Nintendo, Google and many more companies in the sector take advantage of the pull and prestige of the fair to launch all the novelties that were left in the pipeline at E3 2019 and that will make up a good part of next year’s video game offer.

GamesCom 2019 Conferences

Opening Night Live

Death Stranding is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated games of the moment. Hideo Kojima attended the fair after more than five years without attending and did so to publicize more aspects of his latest work, whose enigmatic universe has the most staunch followers restless about him as well as excited. On this occasion, more details about the game system have been presented, in addition to several videos of two characters in the plot: Mama and Deadman, whose role ‘plays’ Guillermo del Toro’.

Borderlands 3 also captured many of the conference spotlights. In a new video, Claptrap’s substitute, the protagonist’s assistant, was revealed, which will be an artificial intelligence whose voice in English will be provided by rapper Ice-T. The Test Field mode, unknown until now, will put us in the shoes of a robot that we will have to control to finish off our enemies.

Life is Strange 2 was also present at the conference, with the announcement of the release of the last two episodes and their respective teasers. The information on the next Need For Speed ​​Heat was expanded , with gameplay and the confirmation that it will be released on November 8.  Among the many more novelties that there was, the Volta mode of Fifa 20 stands out , which will have futsal, history, its own league and special rules.


After knowing the multiple variants of its multiplayer mode, we already know what kind of story awaits us in Gears 5, which will be divided into two sequences: the return to Sera and the invasion of the Locust to the psyche of Kate Díaz, the protagonist, That will lead to serious mental problems.

And for the most faithful followers of the saga, the best possible announcement will be the appearance of Cole Train, the legendary character . It was also confirmed that the resolution of the work will be 4K and will run at 60 fps. It will incorporate a small crossover with Halo in Horde mode .

Following in the footsteps of the saga, a peculiar funko pop game was also announced… Yes, the collectible dolls will be the protagonists of Gears Pop! , a mobile PvP title of the MOBA genre with many similarities to Clash Royale: you have to destroy an enemy base and weaken your rivals to prevent them from demolishing yours.

From the new instalment of NBA 2K20 we know something more about its story mode, presented by the player from New Orleans, Josh Hart. In ‘My Career’ we will experience the growth of a basketball professional both on and off the court.

We will once again tour the streets of Jericho City in The Surge 2 , which was presented through a trailer and a demo that only accredited media could try. The combat system has improved with new mechanics, the map has been increased and the story seems to close the gaps opened in the first instalment. The plot now has the possibility of giving the player the freedom to move forward and choose the desired path among several alternatives.


The Japanese company has taken advantage of the Gamescom window to give a conference focused on the indies that can be played on the Switch and other surprises, such as the Hotline Miami Collection , a work that collects the two games in the saga in a single instalment.

Dungeon Defenders: Awakened was announced alongside the news that it will be exclusive to the handheld console for a limited time. This action, rpg and tower defence work allows us to play both alone and with 3 other people, with whom we can enjoy the new 15 maps.

Information on Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games: Tokyo 2020 was also expanded , whose final version will be on the market on November 8 with many more tests than in past instalments and which will have a retro mode where the game becomes in 2D and 8 bits, an ode to the nostalgic


The technology finished detailing elements around its new console, such as the price of subscription to the streaming service or games that can be enjoyed on it. It will be in November when it lands in Spain with a base price of €9 per month , to which we will have to add a minimum of €69, which is worth the command.

What was initially just a streaming service will end up being a device to use, since Stadia Base will arrive later , to play without the need for an Internet connection.

The titles available at the moment were also announced, whether they are shared with other consoles as exclusive, including GYLT , an adventure that puts feelings such as fear and overwhelm caused by bullying on the map . It is developed by the Spanish studio Tequila Works , which found the story they were precisely looking for in technology.

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