Free Cell Card Game: How To Play Online?

Card games have been popular for a long time. They have played all over the world as they keep people engaged for a long time. It is also a source of entertainment. Some card games involve only one player and some involve multiple players.  

The most famous Solo card game is Solitaire. This is because it is easy to learn, play, and win. Also, it has a winning rate of 80%. There are some equally famous variants of Solitaire. Some of these variants are Klondike, Spider, Scorpion, and Freecell.

Do you know about FreeCell? If not, then you will love this article. Here we will discuss a Free Cell card game and how you can play it online. So let’s begin the discussion.

What is a FreeCell Card Game?

FreeCell is a variant of Classic Solitaire. It almost has the same rules as Solitaire. Its main objective is to arrange the card in ascending order. The arrangement starts with an Ace and ends with a King.    

It has three main sections: Foundation, The Tableaus, and FreeCell. The Tableau has all 52 cards arranged in 8 piles. The first 4 piles have 7 cards while the last 4 piles have 6 cards. In FreeCell, all the cards are face up. 

A player can keep the extra cards in the Freecell for some time. In online FreeCell, a player also gets the option of Undo and Hint.   

How to Play FreeCell Online?

Here are some easy steps that you should follow to play FreeCell online. So have a look at them.

Make Foundations First

The Foundation area is for Aces of all suits. Here you can only add Ace and after adding Ace you can add other high-order cards as well. But remember once you move a card to Foundation you can move it back. So if you think you might need the card later then do not move it.

Move Pile Cards

At a time, you can only move one card in the FreeCell. This is because cards in the pile have a random sequence. But once you arrange 3 to 4 cards in a sequence. You can move them all at the same time.

To arrange the cards you need to move the last card of the pile to the other piles. If any card is making it difficult for you to make a sequence then move this card to the Free Cell for some time.

Fill the Blank Space with King

When you make any cell blank by moving the cards to other piles then fill this space with a King. This is because King is the start of the sequence. If you place another card in the blank space then it will become difficult for you to win the game.

Cleverly Make a Sequence

In FreeCell, sequences are made in descending order with alternate colors. It means if the high-order rank card is black then the one rank lower card is red and vice versa. Furthermore, you can not place two cards with the same color.

How Many Cards Can a Player Move in FreeCell?

Many times in the FreeCell you can only move one card at a time. But if you want to move a sequence of cards to another pile then you must empty all the FreeCells. For Example.

  • You can move a sequence of 5 cards if 4 FreeCells are available
  • To move a sequence of 4 cards you need to empty 3 FreeCells
  • You can move a sequence of 3 cards if 2 FreeCells are available
  • To move a sequence of 3 cards you need only 1 FreeCell

Wrapping It All Up!!!

If you want to play FreeCell online then follow the steps that we have mentioned above. They are easy to understand and you can practice them without any confusion. There are many apps and websites where you can play FreeCell. If you get bored with classic Solitaire then you must play FreeCell.

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