Factors that influence consumers in making decisions to buy

Consumer behavior is related to the process of buying an item or service. Because consumer behavior is the things that underlie consumers in making decisions to buy goods or services. When deciding to buy, of course, as a consumer, always think in advance about the goods or services to be purchased. Basically the needs and desires of consumers will continue to change. This is because consumers experience changing needs in life.

As a business actor, you need to understand consumer behavior.

This consumer behavior includes all components of a product or service, from packaging, quality, to price. In fact, not infrequently the big name of a company becomes a consideration for consumers. If the product or service they buy does not meet the standards they want, consumers feel disappointed. Then they will move to competitors who provide similar products or services. You really need to understand https://www.achnet.com/Profiles/DauntogelSlot consumer behavior so that your online business can compete with other competitors.

Consumer behavior starts from the stage before, shortly and after buying a product or service.

In order for your online business to be more effective, you can learn what factors influence consumers in making https://www.mochub.com/user/54126 decisions to buy a product or service as follows:

External Factors

Cultural factors, are the result of human creativity from generation to generation. This greatly https://www.fundable.com/dauntogel-slot determines the form of consumer behavior as social beings who live in society.
Social class factor, a group consisting of a number of people who have a position in society.

Family factor, the smallest unit in society that can influence consumers in determining decision making to buy a product or service.
Business Marketing, this is related to the strategy of a business which https://wallhaven.cc/user/redmitoto includes the brand, quality, service, price, and benefits of the product or service. Thus influencing consumer decisions in buying.

  • Psychological Factor
  • Personality factor, this factor is influenced from within the consumer itself.
  • Factors Attitudes and Beliefs, consumers can change at any time. This is related to the brand or service where they will buy.
  • Self-concept, this relates to what is expected by consumers.

Some of the factors above can be the basis for you to develop an online business. Because consumer behavior to buy is a manifestation of competitive forces that determine the intensity of online business competition. Not only that, knowing your https://li.sten.to/dauntogel consumer behavior will make it easier to design marketing strategies, market segmentation, analysis of the business environment, develop market trends, to new products to the market.

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