Do You Want A Real Spiritual Uplift – Then Experience The Sovereign Hand Of Our Sovereign God

We’re looking for to sweep thru the bible – to have a top level view of what’s included in our bible – and we’re now in week 4. In our wellknown bible analyzing, we see that others swept through the scriptures at times – while on trial for their faith – stephen in acts bankruptcy 7 – paul while preaching in acts bankruptcy 13 – and also while on trial for his religion in jesus christ. We have blanketed 2,000 years – 500 years – and two hundred years – inside the first 3 articles.

Now we’re at 1,000 bc, and david is king in israel. This is the account of god’s human beings told from god’s point of view. Those chapters are not simply historical, intellectual or academic – they’re applicable for every folks – for all mankind. These kings had absolute strength – not like the monarch in our land. They made the legal guidelines and commanded the armies – no parliament – no balloting – no opposition, politically talking – even though there was opposition – and every now and then from men of god, while the king turned into bad.

Did he worship the god of israel, or did he bow all the way down to idols and do evil in the sight of the lord? Turned into he for morality, justice, integrity – or had been these features lacking in his life? We examine of what god regards as critical. God is frequently interested by the leaders’ beliefs and behavior.

Below david and solomon, israel owned and occupied maximum of the land promised to abraham – from egypt to the euphrates. Solomon requested god for expertise – and god become thrilled to provide him that. I’m sure that is true of absolutely everyone who asks god for expertise. God additionally gave solomon wealth, riches, reputation and energy – humans travelled to satisfy this man of god. The queen of sheba was so impressed by means of the splendour she witnessed in jerusalem.

He built the temple – and we’ve got recorded his prayer on the determination. Ii chronicles chapters 6 and 7. I kings chapter eight. To construct the temple worried pressured labour and heavy taxation – and the people inside the north did now not recognize all this money getting used within the south – surprisingly familiar and contemporary. It was a colossal task – planning – talent – over a time frame – religion – with the whole lot in its region – and we’ve got our vicinity inside the body of christ. Worship changed into now centralized in jerusalem. But the day got here whilst homes had been over, and god became going to stay in humans – and that came about after jesus christ lived and died and rose and ascended and poured out the holy spirit. These had been the times of the psalms and proverbs – music of songs and ecclesiastes – literary riches – which end up the word of god. But then there was civil war – and the people of god divided – and there have been ten tribes in the north and in the south.

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