Decorative TV stands: how to combine business with pleasure?

It can be difficult to find the right furniture for the television and to fit in with the interior decoration. It should be both practical and stylish. This article presents the basic rules for choosing a TV stand, existing models and ideas for a contemporary look.

Questions to ask before buying a TV stand

Here are the essential questions to ask yourself before deciding on any model of TV stand:

  • How much space do you have for the new TV furniture?
  • What are the dimensions and weight of the TV?
  • Put it up or hang it on the wall?
  • Are there other electronic devices to be stored in the cabinet? (decoder, internet box, game consoles or DVD player).

TV table: the materials of choice

In order for the TV stand to blend in with the decor, it is worth choosing the right material of manufacture. If the room is not yet furnished, the choice is free.

  • Glass in a design and contemporary living room

Glass is the preferred material for playing the card of transparency and creating a stylish TV corner.

  • Wood and metal to design an industrial style living room

To set up an industrial living room, the choice will be made of a metal, wooden or bi-material TV stand. Wooden furniture also helps create a Zen atmosphere and a country-style decoration. The choice will be between:

  • Light wood, appreciated for its natural spirit;
  • Dark wood, more chic and modern.

The dimensions of the TV stand

It is necessary to choose a TV stand, the dimensions of which are suitable for the area of ????the room. The height of the support depends on that of the seat. If it is low, the TV furniture will also be low and vice versa. Check for more on Displaying a length reaching 1.80 m, it is chosen longer than the television to obtain a harmonious rendering.

Decoration of the living room: where to put the TV?

An essential accessory of family life, the television is at the center of attention. A harmonious living room depends in part on the location of the TV cabinet and the orientation of the screen.

Our selection of TV cabinets

Manufacturers compete in creativity and ingenuity to design TV stands that hide many features. Most often, this type of furniture includes cupboards, drawers, shelves or niches. Some variants gain in height in order to optimize the storage space. Others are equipped with sliding walls to conceal the television set. Several models of furniture make it possible to highlight the television and to sublimate the room of installation.

  • Low furniture

Thanks to their low height, TV coffee tables take up less space. Suitable for a minimalist decor, they position the television at eye level. This type of TV furniture should ideally match photo frames or paintings hanging on the wall. If you often have to move the TV cabinet, it is advisable to opt for a model equipped with wheels or glides.

  • The wall-mounted TV stand

It attaches to the wall and allows the screen to be adjusted to the desired height. Space-saving and aesthetic, the wall- mounted TV cabinet also has storage space like the shelves. Offering guaranteed space saving, it protects the device against breakage or falls. TV wall mounts are available in:

  • Fixed

Fixed wall brackets are particularly easy to install. They invite themselves into rooms with only one listening position. However, no adjustment of the screen is possible once the furniture is installed.

  • Adjustable

Thanks to an articulated arm, this type of wall- mounted TV cabinet makes it possible to change the orientation of the screen. The user can thus turn the television from right to left and from top to bottom. The swivel stand is more suitable for spaces with multiple listening positions.

  • Reclining

Installed in the bedroom or living room, this TV furniture offers viewers the possibility of adjusting the height of the screen once suspended. The TV can be tilted a few degrees, thus guaranteeing visual comfort even when lying down.

  • The column-shaped TV stand

Column-shaped TV furniture is a good option if you plan to put the TV in a fairly small room. It installs and moves easily. Its design is also worked, because it is specially thought to conceal the cables.

  • The suspended model

Standing out for its sobriety, the suspended piece of furniture includes an articulated arm hanging from the ceiling and serving as a support for the TV. Allowing screen rotation, it is an ideal alternative for a small space. Its downside? The lack of storage. Whether it is a wall or ceiling mount, always ensure that the structure of the wall or ceiling supports such equipment. TV cabinets are now available for less than 50. The most designer models are priced around 2,000.

How to decorate a TV stand?

Along with the kitchen, the living room is the centerpiece of the house. The locals spend most of their time there. This living room deserves a touch of originality in terms of decoration! To create a loft atmosphere, a metal lamp combined with a wooden TV cabinet is enough. Fans of the Scandinavian style will bet on a vase with retro motifs placed near the television.


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