Commonly Believed Myths in bodybuilding

When it comes to the world of fitness, there are many different diet plans, fitness therapy, workouts, and routines to follow to achieve your goals. Due to the overload of information and unique body types and macros, many facts, rumors, and myths are thrown around. If you are a beginner, you must question your facts and filter out baseless myths.For instance, many believe HCG for bodybuilders isn’t safe. This, however, is untrue. There are various other myths that surround around bodybuilding .

Some Common Bodybuilding Myths

The world of bodybuilding has an abundance of myths people swear by. Many people believe in strategies regarding nutrition and workout, which in reality have no reason nor effect. As a beginner, one should research and keep an eye out for false facts which may seem believable.

Train Until Failure

A common saying you must have come across is “No pain, no gain”. While it is true, you need to put your muscles into considerably more strain to build muscle, and you shouldn’t work out until you can anymore.

There are plenty of training routines convincing you to workout through the pain and count the reps when it hurts, which can not only be uncomfortable but also increase the risk of injuries. Research shows implementing one set until failure and doing numbered reps in the following sets. Doing so helps to stimulate growth hormones, consequently increasing muscle growth.

If It Doesn’t Hurt, It’s Not Effective

Another common mantra thrown around in the world of bodybuilding world is only to count the reps which hurt. People often associate muscle soreness with workout effectiveness. It is possible for your muscles to not feel sore right after a workout due to delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). As you work out a specific muscle, your body adapts to it, so it may not ache as much as it used to. 

You Cannot Gain Muscle and Lose Fat at The Same Time

Oversimplifying, you gain muscle if you’re in a calorie surplus and shed off fat during a calorie deficit. People assumed both processes to be opposite of each other, giving birth to a prevalent myth that you can gain muscle while trying to lose fat and vice versa. 

However, calorie surplus isn’t the only way to build muscle. You can grow muscle alongside losing fat by cutting down on carbs but having sufficient protein intake. 

Eliminate Sugar

Some bodybuilders avoid sugar like the plague. Sugar holds an awful rep, and we come across people explaining how it’s white poison. It can cause you to gain weight, cause diabetes, rot your teeth and whatnot. However, sugar remains an essential nutrient to incorporate into your diet. Having sugar after workouts can help refuel the muscles quickly. Moreover, you should refrain from processed sugars and opt for natural sources such as fruits.

Avoid Fats

The term ‘fat’ is perceived negatively in most cases. Many people swear by totally omitting any form of fat from their diets to accentuate their muscles and avoid bloating. However, like many other things in bodybuilding, it’s not so simple. There are many forms of fats. The ones you should avoid are called trans fats which are artificially made. Saturated fats, on the other hand, are a vital part of a healthy diet.

Train Your Core to Lose Belly Fat.

Spot reduction is arguably the most common myth in the world of fitness. People believe that if they work out their abdominal muscles, they will lose the fat around their belly. However, this is not the case. Targeting a specific muscle group will only increase the muscle size and burn calories but not directly affect the fat stored. Working out burns calories, and you lose fat from all over your body when it is in a calorie deficit.

Final Thoughts

Fitness and bodybuilding are overwhelming when it comes to possible techniques and methods. Due to the overabundance of information, some pointless myths are popular among bodybuilders. Some people suggest training until failure and workout til you feel sore. Moreover, they turn to eliminating sugars and fats from their diet. One should research their macros and decide on a plan accordingly. Also, if you plan to include steroids in the mix, be very thorough. Know about the pros and cons of steroids and then decide accordingly. Furthermore, place your order only at reliable places, such as UGFreak. This is where you will find real steroids at economical prices.


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