Choose the target of the company blog?

This week we are back to talking about corporate blogging. As with any communication project that wants to be effective, the blog also requires a specific work plan . Objectives, strategy, method are the guidelines and the first element is the definition of the target. Each company will work on the blog in relation to the business model  Like mogul press it has defined and to the extent of the consensus it wants to obtain on the web. Choosing the target of the company blog, however, is the first condition for thinking about content programming.

Deciding to open a corporate blog is often the first step that some companies take in the world of web 2.0. Once it has been established that the Internet site , already present, is not enough to convey possible interactions with users, the decisive step is to create a blog. We repeat: the company blog must be born from a strategic choice . It will be of little use to take this path just because it is trendy or to replace other investments in communication. Convinced of this, the first question to ask is always one:

how to choose the target of the company blog?

The most popular model of the corporate blog is the one aimed at the final consumer . So let’s talk about the range of potential customers of our product. It is also possible, however, to structure a blog intended, however, for business partners , if we need to inform and retain the network through a new channel.

The target of the corporate blog is the range of readers we would like to have.

Defining the roster of our recipients will be a way to reflect, once more, on the overall marketing strategy adopted by the company . We recall some of the questions that the company and the communication agency will have to ask themselves:

Who are our customers today? What types of people would we like to see more of those who choose our products? What age group are we talking about?

Once the target has been defined, it will be possible to set up the next job: establish an editorial plan , the publication frequency of the posts, the tone of voice , the social channels that will support the diffusion of the posts …

Defining your corporate blog target may seem like an almost obvious choice, but it shouldn’t be overlooked.

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