Building the Strength and Cohesiveness of a Business Team

Starting and building a business does require extra time, effort, and attention, unlike working as an employee. When building a business, it means that we are building our own future, so we are fully responsible for managing it. True, but not completely correct.

Being the founder or owner of a business that is experiencing rapid development, does not have to organize and do everything yourself. We can share tasks and roles with competent and trusted people, who are packaged in a business team. Delegating and entrusting some tasks and authority to team members will actually make our burden lighter. We will have enough time to enjoy private life.

Friends of Entrepreneurs, there are many challenges faced when running a business, one of which is building team strength and cohesiveness. For startups and fast growing businesses though, a solid team is the key to achieving important company goals.

Tips for Building a Compact Business Team

If our team cannot work together, then business development can experience obstacles. Team members or employees can ‘bend over’ and blame each other, causing conflict and creating an unfavorable work environment. If left unchecked, prolonged internal conflict can make the work environment uncomfortable, make employees uncomfortable, and can even destroy the business itself.

To build a strong team, the first requirement is to choose members according to their abilities with the responsibilities given. When we give responsibility to people who do not fit, the results of their work will not be optimal. The best work results can only be done by people who have the capacity and ability in accordance with the responsibilities given.

Talking about the business team, the strength and cohesiveness of the business team is very important, where each member can work together to achieve a common vision. But in working of the business team is not free from obstacles, because each has a different mindset and way of working.

Analyze As a business owner

place people who have the ability to think and analyze as a planning team, people who have good communication and interpersonal skills as a marketing or public relations team, people who have arithmetic and administrative skills as a finance and administration team. So everyone takes responsibility according to their expertise.

Choosing a team based on ability not only supports business productivity, but also makes work more effective and minimizes conflicts because each member provides optimal performance so that they help each other’s work.

When there is friction in the business team, then what happens is accusing and blaming each other, attitudes like this are clearly not profitable. Therefore, it is necessary for to build the strength and cohesiveness of the business team with the following strategies Setting Common Goals

Everyone has their own goals and ways of getting things done. As a leader in a team, our job is to glue the team together by showing them what goals to achieve. By clarifying goals, we align the perceptions of team members and help them focus on contributing to their roles.

This is the importance of a company having a plan in the form of a vision, mission, targets, and goals. It was difficult at first to formulate it. We must be patient in translating and writing down the ideas that are in our minds so that what we mean can be easily understood by others.

Simply put, the vision is the goal the company wants to achieve. This goal can be targeted for the next five, ten, or twenty years and can be changed as needed. Mission is the stage that the company should do to achieve the vision.

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