Best Online Tools to Manage and Organise Citations

Creating bibliographies and arranging references are critical components of producing research papers. That’s why students go for finance assignment help to get ideas on proper citation and reference.

Citations can be a significant discomfort in the back if done incorrectly. The last thing you would want is a disorganised bibliography with erroneous or missing references following a demanding writing assignment.

What is Citation?

A citation is a description of any work (book, journal article, dissertation, archive manuscript, newspaper editorial, report, website, musical creation, etc.) that identifies where the complete text may be located.

It gives enough details to identify the author and find the thing.

You can manage your sources and arrange citations following whichever citation format you use with the help of the five tools listed below. 

  • MAH Bibliography Maker 

This specific tool is quite good at producing references in all the various styles. Both the referring list and the in-text references are provided. In addition, this software may provide citations for various documents and are often free. 

This tool’s citations make it easier to show all the sources used in a task appropriately. One might reduce their chance of plagiarism by using properly made references in their writing. Additionally, the tool is straightforward to use, providing users with a hassle-free manner to produce proper citations.


  • Give proper acknowledgement to the authors of the data you used in your article. 
  • Obtain immediate knowledge of reliable sources with our in-text citation generator.
  • Access for free with just one click.
  • APA, Harvard citation machine and other various styles are made less confusing.
  • Keeping up with proper citation style using citation tool.
  • Helpful advice for avoiding the plagiarism mark.
  • Readers’ additional information regarding the books and journals used for the assignment.
  • Zotero

You may arrange your references with the help of Zotero. It is a useful free programme. You can save publication data from several sources, including websites, journal articles, newspapers, PDFs, and more.

Zotero immediately generates references and bibliographies for use in Word, LibreOffice, and Google Docs as well as in any text editor. Furthermore, you can format your work to accord with any style manual or publication because over 10,000 citation styles are supported.

Additionally, Zotero has collaborative tools that let you create group bibliographies and co-write papers. Additionally, you can invite as many partners as you like to use your Zotero collection.


  • Zotero is linked with Word, LibreOffice, and Google Docs
  • Managing citations while writing your research papers is simple
  • Additionally, Zotero has a “built-in PDF reader”
  • The tool enables you to annotate PDFs before extracting cited passages and annotations into your notes or word processing projects.
  • RefWorks

You can save a range of research materials using RefWorks, including an endless number of references and the whole text of any website. Using ProQuest databases also enables you to complete the necessary citation information. In addition, you may categorise your data using folders and tags, highlight and annotate full-text documents, and sync your data with external systems like Dropbox.


  • You can collaborate with others using RefWorks as well. For instance, sharing folders allows you to collaborate on a single document while working concurrently with others.
  • Real-time annotations and comments are available.
  • RefWorks makes it simple to create bibliographies and citations. 
  • You can quickly incorporate it into Word and Google Docs with just one click. 
  • It also provides a citation style editor and pre-built citation formats to enable you to create the citation format of your choice.


Another valuable tool for keeping track of references and saving sources is Mendeley. You may set up your online library, add references, and import references from any desktop document right from your browser.

For example, without having Mendeley Desktop open or installed, you may easily add citations and bibliographies to your Word projects with Mendeley Cite.

As you search for, choose, and input references, Mendeley Cite “opens as a separate panel in Word alongside your document window, not over it,” keeping your entire document visible. It works with Microsoft Office 356, Word 2016 and later, and the Word app for iPad.


  • Mendeley allows you to import research papers and other documents from academic databases and search engines into your reference library. 
  • Mendeley also offers several other valuable features, such as Mendeley Groups.
  • The features enable you to collaborate with others while sharing references and PDF full texts.
  • Mendeley Reference Manager helps you store and organise all of your references in one location.
  • Mendeley Notebook enables you to compile all of your highlights and notes from various PDFs and many more.
  • Cite this for me 

You may quickly create citations for various sources, including websites, books, and journal articles, with the aid of Cite This for Me. The programme supports several common citation styles, including APA, Harvard, and MLA. In addition, you can enter the citation details for each reference you use in your pay for assignment paper using Cite This for Me.

Additionally, it can automatically recognise the reference data and complete the reference form on your behalf. 


  • You can export or copy and paste your reference list into your essay or another document after it is finished. 
  • Cite This for Me provides a Chrome extension that enables you to create automatic citations for the websites you visit.
  • The premium version of Cite This for Me includes access to several useful features.
  • It can download your bibliography as a Word Doc and access plagiarism detection.

Now that you have gained ultimate knowledge on online citation tools, below you can go through some expert online citation machines that generally support all types of citation styles. 

APA Citation Machine 

The American Psychological Association (APA) has established an “author/date” citation format called APA. Additionally, this is one of the citation styles that institutions use the most frequently.

The APA citation builder tool on a website can assist you in quickly citing the sources of information in your paper by APA stylebook, APA cited.

MLA Citation Machine 

The “author-page” type of citation is used in the Modern Language Association (MLA) citation style. This means that you must provide both the author’s last name and the text’s page number when acknowledging sources in MLA style. Additionally, the works referenced page must have an exhaustive citation.

You may quickly produce the citations with the help of a cite generator for the MLA style.

Chicago Citation style

The “author-date” citation format is used by the Chicago citation creator, also known as Turabian style citation. When utilising this format to cite sources, you must place the reference materials after the quote and record them in the footnotes or endnotes.

Creating citations for the sources is quite simple with the help of our sophisticated citation generator for the Chicago citation style. Simply place the appropriate information.


The most efficient way for creators of eLearning content to give credit to people whose ideas they utilised is through free online bibliography and citation tools. The fact that these platforms provide fantastic and functional capabilities without charging extra is even more significant for preserving a tight eLearning budget for an eLearning project.

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